Loomis Off-track Garage Door

What Causes a Garage Door to go Off Track?

One of the most common repair jobs offered by many garage door services companies whether in Loomis or in Sacramento is off-track garage door adjustment and repair. There are several manifestations of an off-track garage door, and one of these is when the garage door does not open or close as usual. But what causes a garage door to go off track? Here are a few of the most frequent reasons:

Loosened tracks

When the tracks are loosened, the garage door consequently becomes off-track. This is usually brought about by loosened brackets, in which case a little tightening will have to be carried out. Dents are also another possibility. If you think you don’t have the expertise in tightening brackets or repairing dents, you might want to check the services offered by a garage door repair expert.

Poor lubrication

Another means in ensuring that your garage door stays in tip-top shape is proper and regular lubrication. When the garage door is properly lubricated, you can take advantage of a smoother and more seamless function, making the garage door easier to operate.
Grime or soil build-up
Over time grime can build within the garage door tracks. Grime obstruction can affect the operation of garage doors, especially if grime and dirt and soil are left for far too long. Cleaning the tracks from time to time can help eliminate this problem.

Improper alignment

An off-track door may also be caused by tracks which are improperly aligned. This matter is often best left to professionals but you can align the tracks by using a level and adjusting the brackets so that the tracks can be better aligned. You may obtain garage door services on tracks alignment if you don’t have tools or the skills for it.

Are you in need of the right solutions for a garage door that has gone off-track? Contact Loomis Garage Door Repair today.

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